Onsite Catering

Corporate Sector: 
Corporate sector forms a major chunk of our clientele.  We offer:

  • Executive Dining
  • Exclusive Buffet Arrangements
  • Cafeteria Operations
  • Wide Range of Varieties
  • Monthly Food Festivals
  • Live Cooking Counters

Education Sector:
Specialists in Education Catering, providing fresh healthy nutritious food for the future of tomorrow. We provide catering solutions purely to the education sector with a focus and drive to increase the school meal uptake. Our market includes infant, primary, secondary, and specialist schools. We also provide hospitality menus for special events.
Our dedicated management team are committed to bringing fresh healthy food to our customers each and every day, with each menu cycle nutritionally reviewed to ensure that the correct balance is met. “Our Ethos is simple, to provide quality, freshly cooked food, attractively presented to a high standard and at an affordable price.”
Searching for healthy food to appeal to hungry young people? And working to a budget? With extensive experience in the education sector, we’re perfectly placed to serve your school
In this we include:

  • Special meals for school & college canteens.
  • Complete Mess operations
  • Meal Prepared as per nutritional requirement

Food Court:
Our founders believe quality food has no substitute. Staying true to their vision, we have come up with food courts at several malls and companies wherein customers and employees have plenty of options to choose from.
Our features include:

  • Our own food court concept
  • Live Counters
  • Exclusive Branding
  • Specialty Meals

Health care Catering:

Fresh, healthy, nourishing and appetising food is an essential part of caring for hospital patients and aged care residents. In addition to quality, budget is an important consideration for managers of healthcare services. The healthcare sector poses many challenges for caterers who must provide a varied, appealing, wholesome and nutritional diet which is suited to individual assessed and recorded requirements. As a catering supplier to the healthcare sector, we are able to provide you with products and services developed around the needs of your business.

  • Patient Meals
  • Attendant meals
  • Executive Health Check meals
  • Visitor’s café  Operations
  • Staff  Dining
  • Doctors Lounge
  • Function catering

Industrial Sector:  
Good nutrition is an integral part of having healthy employees; it increases attentiveness, productivity and stamina. Here at Genesis, we offer maximum choice, exceptional quality, and superb value for money.

  • Proven Canteen Concept
  • Bulk Cooking
  • Energy Saving Methods



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